Thai Chicken Curry In A Hurry...

Curry is God's gift to those short on time for making dinner. Today, Nick rocks the first video in the new Paleo Test Kitchen and shows you how to throw together a tasty dinner in a matter of minutes. If you're looking for a recipe to break you out of your rut, check this one out as it will quickly fill your gut...

Enter The Zone

Enter The Zone - Five Keys To Success

With so much misinformation out there about diet and nutrition, use this "Enter The Zone" series to help bring precision and accuracy to your diet. While it is a great guide, The Zone Diet can be a lot to digest at first. Today, Nick shares 5 tips that will help you get started in the right direction. Follow them and you'll be mastering The Zone in no time...

Meal Plan Thumbnail 009

"Get it Together!" Meal Plan and Grocery List 009

Nine is fine as far as Nick's concerned. For that very reason, he's compiled an outright epic meal plan this week. If your a sucker for suckling pork chops, a glutton for garlic, or a begger for Bacon Berry Muffins, this is the plan for you. Click on and "Get It Together!" in the coming week...


Dover Sole and Shrimp Florenza

For those of you who are fans of the make-ahead meal, this is a solid recipe for pairing colorful veggies and lean seafood for an epic Paleo Bank Account deposit. As Ross Overstreet would say, "It's time for some industrial cooking!"...


The Campsite Crawfish Cook - "Keep It Paleo and Local!"

The Fourth of July played perfect backdrop for a campsite crawfish cook. "The Jo!" and "The Bro!" were out in a full force fishing frenzy and they pulled in over 100 "crawdads". Check out this article for how it all went down and get an inside glimpse an amazing Nor Cal holiday expedition...


"It's Not Gourmet, Bro!" - Beef Tongue Pot Roast

Nose to tail eating is where it's at! Americans in general shy away from variety meats, but Nick wants to encourage them not to. Today, he shows a super simple preparation of beef tongue that will leave your friends and family wondering why you used tenderloin in the pot roast?!? For the latest from the Paleo Garage and the first ever video featuring Jesse Kahle, click on...

Meal Plan Thumbnai 008 640

"Get it Together!" Meal Plan and Grocery List 008

This week's meal plan is more about a Family Feast than about stocking your Paleo Bank Account. We've got ribs, kebabs, bacon and steak. There are some veggies involved as well and what week would be complete without avocado? Click on for Nick's take on a Freedom Feeding Frenzy...

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