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Meal Plan 15.12 - Make Margins

We're already 12 weeks into the year. With Christmas just 9 months away, now is the time to dial in your diet in preparation for the Holiday binge! Michael and Giny Diaz of Grand Prairie, TX are this weeks testers and have put together an amazing plan just for you...

Thai Shrimp Soup

"Do You Talk Thai?" - Thai Shrimp Soup

Tom Yum Goong is it's proper name and "proper" is precisely what this Thai preparation is. If you have never cooked Thai food before, then follow along as Nick leads you through a lesson in lemongrass and lime leaves. Throw in some shrimp and you'll be "talking Thai" in no time...


On The Way To 80, Which Path Will You Choose?

The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it may have led. In this article, Nick contrasts the lifestyles of two people who took two different paths. Life is all about the decisions we make. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, the choice is yours...

Meal Plan Thumbnail 15-11

Meal Plan 15.11 - Consistency Is Key

Whether it comes to working out, eating right, or climbing a mountain, steady, consistent effort is the best approach. As we embark on week 11 of 2015, Nick wants to encourage you to be consistent with your diet. Check out meal plan 15.11 for some fuel to stay the course...


"How To Tuesday" - Sharpen Your Knives, Yo!

One of the Viking Laws is to "Keep weapons in good condition". This falls under the "Be Prepared" category and it is good advice. While most of you have dull knives in your kitchen, Nick wants it to be this way no longer. Tune in today for a quick video on knife sharpening, sharpen up you knives, and be prepared for the daily battle in the kitchen!

Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagne

Nick's Zone - Butternut Squash Lasagna

Everyone loves lasagne. Garfield included! If you want to continue your infatuation with this Italian classic while "Keeping It Paleo!", tune in today as Nick shares his world-class recipe. This one is sure to become a staple in your Culinary Quiver...


SFH - Mexican Meatballs Over Calabacitas

Mexican food is God's gift to humans and who doesn't love meatballs? Today, Nick combines the two and pairs it up with a Southwest Classic, Calabacitas. If you're looking for some variety in your diet, then check out today's recipe sponsored by SFH!

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Meal Plan 15.10 - Ten Weeks In!

We are ten weeks into the new year and Josh and Heather Refenes from Illinois have put together a beautiful meal plan just for you. If you've been procrastinating when it comes to dialing in your diet, check out this week's plan and take the first step to health and happiness...

Paleo Peeled Garlic

"How To Tuesday" - Peel A Head Of Garlic In 30 Seconds

Most of us love garlic, but it's kind of annoying to peel. You can buy the peeled stuff, but it just isn't the same as the freshly-peeled variety. To solve this culinary conundrum, Nick shares a ninja trick and attempts to peel a whole bulb in under 30 seconds. Tune in to see if he can do it...

Tamarind Chicken Satay

"Do You Talk Thai?" - Tamarind Lacquered Chicken Satay

Meat on a stick! Who doesn't love it? Today, Nick shows a simple, but tasty preparation inspired by his recent trip to Thailand. It includes tamarind and lacquering, two words you might not associate with your Culinary Quiver. Tune in to see how it's done with the latest video in the "Do You Talk Thai?" series...

Meal Plan Thumbnail 15-9

15.9 Meal Plan - Gather No Moss

David and Katie Hernandez set a new standard as meal plan testers! They set the bar high and gather no moss and we roll on through 2015. We are nine weeks into the new year and, if you haven't dialed in your nutrition yet, this week is a fine time to start!

Chocolate Cherry Chunk Ice Cream

SFH - Chocolate Cherry Chunk Ice Cream

"Earn Your Ice Cream" has been Nick's motto since the start. Today, he shares a super simple recipe for a protein packed Cherry Chunk Ice Cream featuring SFH's Coconut Fuel. If you've never made ice cream before or are looking for a new addition to your quiver, check this one out!

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