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15.9 Meal Plan - Gather No Moss

David and Katie Hernandez set a new standard as meal plan testers! They set the bar high and gather no moss and we roll on through 2015. We are nine weeks into the new year and, if you haven't dialed in your nutrition yet, this week is a fine time to start!

Chocolate Cherry Chunk Ice Cream

SFH - Chocolate Cherry Chunk Ice Cream

"Earn Your Ice Cream" has been Nick's motto since the start. Today, he shares a super simple recipe for a protein packed Cherry Chunk Ice Cream featuring SFH's Coconut Fuel. If you've never made ice cream before or are looking for a new addition to your quiver, check this one out!

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Meal Plan 15.8 - The Open Is Upon Us

The CrossFit Open starts tomorrow! Whether you are competing or not, Nick wants to encourage you to get your eating under control with this week's meal plan. If you're down for Morrocan Salmon, Bison Chili and Butternut Squash Lasagne, now is the time to "Get It Together!"

Chili and Lime

"How To" Tuesday - Chiles and Limes

Were dialing in the Culinary Quiver and almost ready to start cooking. Today Nick shares his view on red chile, lemons and limes. If you are looking to establish a solid foundation in your quest to become a Culinary Ninja, tuning in to today's lesson is key...


Nicaragua Culinary Adventure - May 9-17, 2015

Paleo Nica is back on the books! This time, Nick has extended the trip by two days to ensure people actually relax and get the most out of their trip to Central America. If you are up for having the time of your life, then you'll want to check this one out and get signed up today!

Som Tam Paleo Papaya Salad

"Do You Talk Thai?" - Som Tam - Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya? What? Where do I find that? What do I do with it? What does it taste like? These are all common questions related to this unique fruit. If you have asked any of these at any time, then tune in today as Nick shares an entry-level, green papaya preparation called Som Tam.

Thai Lamb Chop Thumbnail

SFH - Thai Lamb Chops with Asparagus

Sponsored by SFH, Nick throws down a "Costco Meal" that's fit for the King of Thailand. While lamb is not a common protein in the far east, tune in to see how this one comes together in Paleo fashion...

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Meal Plan 15.7 - One Foot In Front Of The Other

Keep moving. Sometimes that's the best advice one can offer. As we embark on the 7th week of 2015, tune in to see what Nick recommends in the "quest for the summit" that is clean eating. If you struggle with meal prep, this plan is just for you and Nick walks you through it, one step at a time...

Halibut Salad

Nick's Zone - Greek Freak Salad with Halibut

Alaskan Seafood is involved in this one and it's a feast fit for a fitness fuhrer. Nick features some of the halibut he caught in Alaska last summer and combines it with the legendary Greek-style salad. If you want to learn how to cook fish or are looking for a five block meal fit for a king, check this article out!

Chipotle Bison Chili

Nick's Zone - Chipotle Bison Chili with Butternut Squash

When it's chilly outside, nothing warms you up like a bowl of chili. If it's Zoned out with chipotle and bison, then all the better. Check out today's recipe for a "Nick's Zone" version of a timeless classic and find energy, focus and fire for living as you "Enter The Zone"...

Meal Plan Thumbnail 15-6

Meal Plan 15.6 - You Can Do It

Sometimes, we just need encouragement. As we embark on the sixth week of 2015, Nick wants you to know that you can do this. New Year's Resolutions fell off about three weeks ago and the 30 day challenges are over. We've got 46 weeks to go and you'll need to eat every day of every one of them. You can do this!

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine

"How To" Tuesday - Opening A Bottle Of Wine Like A Ninja

Valentine's Day is upon us and nothing pairs up with a nice Paleo meal like a glass of perfectly paired wine. Whether it's sparkling or a traditional corked bottle, Nick's got you covered. Check out this quick instructional and learn how to open wine like a Ninja...

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