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Meal Plan 15.15 - Don't rely on the stomach flu...

While the stomach flu might be just the thing to get you to your goal weight, it will leave you weak, it will leave you weary, and it is downright not fun! A better plan is to follow Nick's weekly meal plans because why they appear on the site weekly, they do not appear weakly...


"Keep It Paleo!" Seminar - Hybrid Athletics Recap

"Keep It Paleo, Eh!" Nick heads to Canada to turn a crowd of Canucks into Culinary Centaurs. For this adventure, he traveled to Langley, British Columbia. If you are interested in attending a "Keep It Paleo!" Seminar, then check out this article for more details on what they're all about...


SFH - Asian Chicken Toss-Up with Creamy Ginger Vinaigrette

Asian Chicken Salad is a crowd pleaser no doubt! However, many times it is filled with cheap vegetable oil, tons of sugar and won ton crisps aplenty. Today, Nick shares a quick recipe that will skirt the above and provide you with flavorful fitness fuel that your friends will be talking about for weeks to come...

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Meal Plan 15.4 - Be Like A Train On A Track

There are so many analogies we can make between a train and life. Today, Nick wants to encourage you to be steadfast, consistent, and powerful. As we embark on our 14th week of the year, use this meal plan to help keep you "on track" and moving forward...

Sweet Potato Puree

"How To" Tuesday - Sweet Potato Mash

When working in the kitchen there are never enough tips and tricks to make our lives easier. Today, Nick shows a quick way to make sweet potato mash.The result is beautiful and leaves us with skins perfect for frying as a crispy bread replacement. Check it out, yo!

Cabbage Wraps

Scallion "Thai'd" Chiang Mai Cabbage Wraps

It's been awhile since we've seen a slow cooker recipe from Nick. Today, he shares one fresh off the Paleo Press. This one teaches a creative way to cook turkey in a pretty little pouch. It turns out awesome and has a Thai flare, so check this one out if you dare...


Social Media "Feeding" Is The New Smoking - 11 Signs You Might Be An Addict

Social media is an addiction. The verdict is still out on how harmful it is, but as we look at our screens more than into the eyes of another. As we talk via text, comments and "likes", communication through speaking while looking at another human being is becoming more and more rare. To prevent becoming more socially awkward than you already are, put down the ciggies and read this article!


"Keep It Paleo!" Seminar - Max Oxygen CrossFit and CrossFit Uffda Recap

The "Keep It Paleo!" Seminar is back and better than ever. Today, Nick shares the recap of a recent trip to the Midwest where he held two seminars and turned out a new wave of Culinary Ninjas. If clean cooking makes you smile, then click on and learn how you can join in on the revolution...

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Meal Plan 15.13 - One Quarter Of The Year Has Passed

With a quarter of the year behind us, we have no option but to forge forward in fitness and in health. This week's meal plan is a doozie and will help you do just that. If you're looking to dial things in for the 75% of the year that remains, sharpen up your knives and click on for yet another lesson in meal prep...

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Meal Plan 15.12 - Make Margins

We're already 12 weeks into the year. With Christmas just 9 months away, now is the time to dial in your diet in preparation for the Holiday binge! Michael and Giny Diaz of Grand Prairie, TX are this weeks testers and have put together an amazing plan just for you...

Thai Shrimp Soup

"Do You Talk Thai?" - Thai Shrimp Soup

Tom Yum Goong is it's proper name and "proper" is precisely what this Thai preparation is. If you have never cooked Thai food before, then follow along as Nick leads you through a lesson in lemongrass and lime leaves. Throw in some shrimp and you'll be "talking Thai" in no time...


On The Way To 80, Which Path Will You Choose?

The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it may have led. In this article, Nick contrasts the lifestyles of two people who took two different paths. Life is all about the decisions we make. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, the choice is yours...

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