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Meal Plan 15.39 - The Endless Interval

Cooking is a lifelong task that can be dreaded or enjoyed. Today's testers are an encouragement to seek out the fun in the food prep process. Hailing from Crowley, TX, Dave and Katie are repeat testers and boy do they deliver! If you are looking to get your grub game on track, look no further...


SFH - Chiang Mai Chicken

The only thing better than Chinese Chicken is Chiang Mai Chicken! Today, Nick heads over to Paleo Pim's kitchen for a lesson in Thai simplicity as he spreads some nutrition knowledge. If you're looking to up your stir fry game, today's recipe is a great place to start...

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Meal Plan 15.38 - Stay On Track

So much of life is like a train on a track. Nick encourages you to use this week's meal plan to stay on track and headed in the right direction. If you're a sucker for meatball soup and the Thai Turkey Throwdown, then you've come to the right place...


Your Diet and Constant Gardening

This article discusses the constant gardening of your "Culinary Medium" and your eating habits. If you find yourself throwing food away and are ready to make some lifestyle improvements, read on for Nick's take on Paleo Proficiency...

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Meal Plan 15.37 - Molcajete Madness

Today's meal plan is a hot one! It features 6 amazing meals including a current recipe, a curry, a Zone out goodie, and a salad. If you are looking to dial in your diet in no time, this is a great place to start...


SFH - Chianti Braised Short Ribs

With fall on the horizon, Nick shares a hearty offering that should find a place in your preparation pipeline... By pairing marvelously marveled beef short ribs with a bottle of Chianti and low slow heat, you'll find a Paleo/Zone meal that's tough to beat!

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Meal Plan 15.36 - Battle Grounds

This weeks plan was tested by a Canuck Couple from from Ottawa, Ontario. He's in the Military and she's a nurse, but they are both Culinary Ninjas! Tune in and turn it up for an amazing array for magnificent meals from our friends up North...

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Meal Plan 15.35 - Firehouse Paleo

Dale Spieker and the 94A crew, a group of fire fighters from Henderson, NV, are our meal plan testers this week. They do a bang up job with a meal selection that is next to none! If your hunger level is similar to one who fights fires, then don't miss this week's plan...


SFH - Wild Shrimp and Stone Fruit Ceviche

Today, Nick shares a timely recipe of succulent stone fruit and wild shrimp. While you might not think of these two as a dazzling duo, they come together nicely the form of ceviche. If you're ready for cinco de Septiembre, click on for a fun flash of flavor...

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Meal Plan 15.34 - From Belgium, With Love

This week's plan come all the way from Belgium. Vera is our tester and she did a "bang up" job! If you are looking to up your carbohydrate game and "get your greens", look no further...

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Meal Plan 15.33 - Enjoy Yourself

Antonio Carballo is the protagonist of this week's meal plan. Residing in Alabama, he is a Culinary Ninja who knocked this week's plan out of the park! If you are looking for an amazing array of meal for the coming week, A.C. is your man!!!...

Pork and Peach Skewers

SFH - Barbecued Pork and Peach Skewers

With summer coming to a close and Colorado peaches coming to fruition, Nick creates a cunning couplet of succulent stone fruit and tender pork that will make your mouth water. If you are one who holds tight to BBQ season, this one's for you!

AY1_5277-001I’ve been a cook for the past 20 years and a CrossFitter since 2008. I love to teach, I love to work out and I'd love to help you achieve your goals! I'm a family man, a traveler, and a bit of an outdoors guy too...

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