Banana Chocodamia Chiller

SFH Banana Choco-damia Chiller

While protein shakes can become a bit boring, today, Nick throws down on the Banana Choco-damia Chiller. Featuring SFH's PURE Whey Protein, this on is packed with flavor that is sure to please even the most discriminating taste buds. To get "swoll" and satisfy your taste buds simultaneously, look no further...


"It's Not Gourmet, Bro!" - Mexican Meatball Soup

Winter is here and nothing says warm and cozy like a slow cooker full of meatballs soup! Today, Nick shares an ultra easy recipe for this hands-off, Mexican influenced preparation. If you're a meatball maniac, tune in and turn it up...

reebok crossfit 3d

Upcoming Seminar - Reebok CrossFit 3D - Manchester, UK

Nick will be traveling to the "other side of the pond" next month for a special soiree focused on nutrition. His first stop will be Reebok CrossFit 3D and he wants you to be there. Read on for more details, and to sign up...

Italian Grilled Chicken

Italian Grilled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a popular protein, but if you do not prepare it proficiently you can find yourself in parched poultry purgatory. Today, Nick shows how to prevent this from happening by sharing a fool-proof recipe for his moist and flavorful Italian Chicken Breast...

To Be Found Thumbnail

To Be Found - The Thailand Culinary Adventure Video

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves... Check out today's article highlighting Jesse Kahle's latest work "To Be Found", the video of the Thailand Culinary Adventure. If you love to travel or are considering a trip with Nick, click on and prepare to be amazed!


Sausage and Porcini Pizza

Pizza! It's a staple of the Standard American Diet. However, the gluten filled crust and the fat filled cheese of a traditional pizza are not a part of the Paleo Diet. So, today, Nick teaches you to keep "Pizza Night" alive by throwing together a crispy, gluten-free crust and toppings so tasty, you forget about cheese. Check it out, yo!

Arctic Goddess Andiventure

Thailand Culinary Adventure Recap

#PNTHAILAND14 was an adventure to remember. Today, Nick does his best to recount the trip with words and pictures. If you were on the trip, were following the trip, know someone who went on the trip, wanted to go on the trip, are going on a future trip, like elephants, like Thai food, or like people, then click on to see what Nick's Culinary Adventures are all about...


Bacon Wrapped Butternut Pucks

Squash! It's a sport and a boring, fall vegetable. But, today, Nick sheds light on a super simple way to liven up your squash side dish. Watch today's video and learn how to take your butternut from boring and bland to a bustling battery on your buds (taste buds, get it?). Make this dish and step up your game, both on the court and in the kitchen!

Black Friday Gift Pack

Black Friday Sale!!! - Paleo Nick Gift Pack

This day comes once per year and, today, Nick offers a screaming deal on merchandise and an annual membership. If you've been waiting to subscribe, or are looking for the perfect gift for the Paleo Person in your life, now is the time to strike! Read on for details...


Planes, Trains and Elephants - The Thailand Poem

The Thailand Culinary Adventure was more than could be recounted. However, today, Nick shares the poem he wrote throughout the trip and read during the final dinner. While you might not understand everything that is said (you'd need to be on the trip to do that), there are solid rhymes and beautiful photos aplenty. Check it out!


The Culinary Ninja's Guide To Turkey Day Tranquility

Thanksgiving is the most significant time of year where we gather for a feast. If you know anything about feasts, they don't come together overnight. So, today, Nick shares with you a plan of action for tackling your Turkey Day Dinner with Paleo Prowess as a Culinary Ninja. Check out this article for a menu, grocery list and step-by-step instructions...


Thanksgiving Dinner For Lance Armstrong And A Burnt Bird

Five years ago, Nick had the opportunity to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner for Lance Armstrong and his family. However, he had already booked Thanksgiving with another family. What did he do? Check out this article to read about the experience and learn about how when you are stretched too thing, thing begin to rattle apart...

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