CrossFit Blizzard

CrossFit Blizzard CrossFit Avalanche 3-Part Nutrition Seminar

Truckee's Force of Nature is about to take Tahoe by storm! Nutrition is topic at hand and Nick is going to pull out all of the stops to help regulate the blood sugar level of the local population. Check out this article for the deets and get signed up today!

Chicken and remoulade

Super Radical Chicken Legs with Red Onion Remoulade

Chicken is the protein that makes the world go round. But, how often does it rock your world? Today, Nick shares a recipe that features his Super Radical Rib Rub, the Camp Chef Pellet Grill, and an amazing French condiment known as Remoulade. If you're looking to mix it up on game day and prove to your buddies that you're a Culinary Ninja, this is just the ticket!

Power Monkey Camp

Power Monkey Camp 2.0 - An Opportunity for Growth...

Eighteen days from now, Power Monkey Camp 2.0 begins. Nick and a crew of Culinary Ninjas will be there to feed the troops and he wants you there! Check out this article for more details on this life changing week of fitness, food and fun!

The Jo The Bro Cookies

Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies with The Jo, The Bro and Transportation Jason

Cookies! While Nick is not a huge fan of "Paleo Desserts", he does value them as an alternative to gluten filled goods. Today, the fearsome threesome (The Jo, The Bro, Transportation Jason) joins him for one of Jason's special recipes. If you're up for a closer look into what makes The Jo and The Bro tick, check this one out!

Patara Elephant Farm

Thailand Culinary Adventure Update!

New details have been released on the Thai Culinary Adventure. We've got an Elephant Farm, two days of cooking school, and a rainforest canopy tour with gibbons that is next to none! If you've got an itch to travel and you are always up for learning something new, be sure to read on for deets on This Experience Of A Lifetime...

Floating Market Paleo Thailand

Thailand Culinary Adventure with Stupid Easy Paleo!!!

Thailand!!! Nick's been fascinated with its culture and cuisine since he first learned of it. For this very reason, he is excited to announce the details of the next Culinary Adventure. He is teaming up with Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo for a one week tour of Chiang Mai. Read on for details...

Ice Cream

Coconut Chip Ice Cream with "Transportation Jason"

Ice Cream!!! Two of the sweetest words in the English language. While we all love this tasty treat, is it possible that some options are better than others? Are there any store-bought offerings that are somewhat healthy? Tune in to this one to hear Nick's take, to see Transportation Jason once again and to learn how easy it can be to churn on your own...


"It's Not Gourmet, Bro!" - Pork Chile California

Pork is "the other white meat," but it needn't take a back burner in your menu planning. Today, Nick shows a slow cooker preparation that teaches two solid techniques, searing protein and reconstituting chiles. If you're looking for some punch-packing flavor that doesn't break the bank, this recipe is just for you. Remember, it's not gourmet, it just tastes that way...

Northern Lights

"North To Alaska" - A Paleo Poem

Ever since Nick was young, he's been fascinated with the rhyme. So, on each Culinary Adventure, to write a poem, he takes the time. Check out this article for more pictures and fresh scene, of the amazing experience that was PNAK14 (Paleo Nick Alaska 2014)...

Alaska Crew

Float Planes and Fairytales - The Alaskan Culinary Adventure Recap

Alaska! While it sounds the same, it is very different from Nebraska. In today's article, Nick attempts to recount his recent Culinary Adventure that took place in "The Last Frontier." There are cabers, skeet, rainbows and glaciers involved, so be sure to tune in for this one...

Tuscan Grilled Pork Chop

Tuscan Grilled Pork Chops

Pork chops prove problematic for the population as a whole, but not for Culinary Ninjas! Today, Nick teaches a straightforward approach to delivering a moist, flavorful chop every time. 5280 Pork is in the house and the end product is as delectable as it is dashing. If you're looking to push your pork chop woes into the past, check this one out...


Guajillo Tri-Tip Taco Salad with Mango and Cactus

In order to eat a diet that is based on meat and veggies, salads must become an important tool. Today, Nick teaches you how to make a salad that you've probably never laid eyes on before. If guajillo is your thing or you're considering introducing cactus into your diet, then click on for just how to do so...

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