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15.26 - Happy 4th of July

We are taking the next 4 weeks off from using testers for the meal plans in order to prepare for the upcoming Crossfit Games in Carson, CA. I have selected 4 new recipes that have yet to make it into the meal plan selections and they are sure to please all of your tastebuds if you are a seafood fan.

Thai Market Exchange

Thailand Culinary Adventure 2015

Nick is back on the trail again and returns to Chang Mai, Thailand this fall. There is a new line up of activities that are sure to tickle your temptation for travel. Check out the details, get your adventure on and sign up today!

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Meal Plan 15.25 - A Step Back

We're 25 weeks into 2015 and we've got an amazing meal plan coming to you all the way from Australia! Olivia and Michael have selected frittatas, cookies and nachos and if that's not enough to tickle your tastebuds, you may want to see a tongue doctor...

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Meal Plan 15.24 - Triumph In Tiny Things

This weeks meal plan selections are loaded with flavor and sure to satisfy your appetite with plenty of leftovers. Our tester this week got loaded with work and wasn't able to successfully finish the process, but her recipe choices really WORK for all of us who want an easy, step-by-step meal plan to follow. Don't let this tiny mishap with the tester stop you from Triumphing in the kitchen.

Molcajete Solo

Acorn Squash Molcajete with Shrimp and Scallops

You've all seen the bubbling "Molcajete" of yummy goodness that is served in many authentic restaurants. It is a sight to behold, no doubt. Today, Nick shares his take on this Meal of Mexican Magic, but replaces the stone mortar with a sweet acorn squash. If this sounds like something that's right up your alley, tune in for a lesson in the Latin Love Language known as food...


SFH - Chorizo Mushroom Hash With Eggs

Alternative breakfasts are all the rage! If you are looking for something to replace the boring and mundane, Nick's got just the ticket. Sponsored by SFH, this recipe is perfect for a lazy Saturday morning, or a s a make-ahead meal for the week...

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Meal Plan 15.23 - Work Harder Than You've Ever Worked

Glenda Reynolds is an amazing human being. She also happens to be the tester for this week's meal plan. As we embark on the 23rd plan of the year, get ready for some magnificent meals and the story of the most heroic human who inhabits New Hampshire...

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Meal Plan 15.22 - The "Cannery Row" Special

This week's meal plan comes to you from Monterey, California. While John Steinbeck wasn't Paleo, Nick is pretty sure that Charley was. Tune in for a super sweet Paleo Plan put together by one of our country's finest...

onward and upward

Three Years In!!! - The Hardest Thing To Get Is Going...

Three years ago today, this website launched. It was a slow start and has taken more work than raising triplets, but here we are! Today, Nick talks about the journey and looks to the future with enthusiasm. Tune in today and wish a Happy Birthday!

Paolino Pasta

"Paolino Pasta" with "Zucchini-ccini"

In 2003, Nick met an amazing boat captain while working in King Salmon, Alaska. Today, he shares a Paleo version Pete Paolino's Pasta. Shrimp and sausage are involved and the result is a toothsome offering that you'll want to add to your Culinary Quiver!

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Meal Plan 15.21 - Ode to Oman

Most of you probably don't even know where Oman is! Today, Stacy Jones, brings us an amazing array of meals all the way from the Middle East. For a "no excuses" approach, check out this weeks plan from one of Nick's good friends...


Paleo Nica 2015 - Recap and Poem

Central America was the destination for Nick's first repeat Culinary Adventure. The group was twice as large, the venue was twice as spectacular, was the experience extra special as well? You'll have to click on to find out...

AY1_5277-001I’ve been a cook for the past 20 years and a CrossFitter since 2008. I love to teach, I love to work out and I'd love to help you achieve your goals! I'm a family man, a traveler, and a bit of an outdoors guy too...

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