2011 - 2021 A Decade Of Deliciousness

It's been ten years since we launched the Paleo Nick Blog. Today, we are proud to announce the re-launch and look forward helping you gain confidence in the kitchen.

Paleo Nick The Salad Slayer
Ginger, Honey, Tamari Vinaigrette

It's crazy for me think that a decade has passed since I set up a folding table in the upper room of my garage and started knocking out blog posts, recipes, videos and Culinary Adventures. Here we are, ten years later and if you've followed along for any of it, you know it's been a wild ride!

PaleoNick.com to Ice Age Meals

The progression from a blog to a business required persistence, patience and plenty of Paleo portions. What started above a garage, moved to a parking lot, then a pizzeria and now we venture forward to build our own state-of-the-art kitchen. Creating something out of nothing is hard work.

We are going to take it slow and steady from here. I have no expectations for number of posts per week or any such thing. The goal is to tell the story of where we've been, shed some light on our current struggles and successes and pave the way for the future, all while "Keeping It Paleo!" and helping you do the same!

What Sort Of Blog Is This?

Like a sweet potato full of toppings, that question is loaded! On this site, you'll find everything from cooking videos, recipes, and techniques to motivation, poetry, travel, home remodel projects, family life, outdoor adventures, faith and so much more. Three things that will be common threads throughout will be awesome food, hard work and FUN!

Will follow along?

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

We've gained many followers over the years and we hope that you'll hop on board. The best thing you can do is share your email address with us and tell your friends. We will take some opportunities to market awesome products to you, but we won't go overboard. Our plan is to do it in a classy fashion and only recommend items that we actually use in our lives and think you will enjoy as well. Sound good? Cool.

Thank you, Rick!

There have been endless requests to relaunch this site, but if there were one person who has encouraged me more than anyone, it would be my stalwart buddy, Rick Hevener. So, thank you Rick. Thanks for supporting and encouraging me for so many years. If there is one thing you have taught me it is that life is to be cherished and that there is so much to share with so many. Ten minute walks can do a lot for your mindset and it is good to move large loads long distances quickly (LLLDQ) on a regular basis.

To the rest of you, a thousand thanks. I promise I'll share the details of all of my salad dressings from this point forward. The one I posted to IG last night was my Ginger, Honey, Tamari Vinaigrette:

  • Fresh Ginger

  • Tamari

  • Wisconsin Honey (traded a guy in Madison a sleeve of golf balls for a jar)

  • Rice Wine Vinegar

  • Pure Olive Oil (Kirkland Brand from Costco)

  • I also folded in a little warm bacon fat that rendered when cooking the bacon.

This was one of the best salads in memory and we will remake something similar soon.

Okay. One of my other goals for the site is to keep things succinct. We are all busy and you need to stop reading and get in the kitchen! Right?

Rock and Roll, Guys! Thanks for tuning in and as always...

"Keep It Paleo!"

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

PS A recent haul with "The Jo!", "The Bro!" and our dog, Wally.

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