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This week's tester is Camille Cooper from Alburn, AL. Camille is a full-time college student. She spends her gym time at CrossFit on the Plains. When she's not in school or at the gym, she enjoys spending time hiking with her dog, dancing, and anything that is on or near the water.

"I love anything in a crockpot, and being a student full-time and always having a full day, it’s nice to have easy recipes to throw into the crockpot, like the super radical chicken and potatoes," Camille shared. 

Scroll down to see the photos Camille captured while preparing here chosen meals:

Super Radical Chicken and Potatoes


Chipotle Chicken Pizza

Mexican Meatball Soup - Albondigas

Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

Thank you Camille for taking time time out of your very busy schedule to prep and cook these four meals. Hearing that you and your roommate meal prep together is awesome news! Taking a little time each week to plan out what you are going to be eating the following week is such a game changer when your schedule is so jam packed with attending classes and studying. Keep up the good work!

(Camille and her hiking buddy)






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