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My friend received her shipment of The Paleo Bread one week ago. I bought a loaf off of her and headed home to test it out. I have since used The Paleo Bread and the following is my review of this "amazing new product."

My first impression of the bread was, "man this is small." I had seen pictures on their website and on Facebook and had a different image in my mind than what I saw when I opened the box. The picture above is of my loaf next to a pint glass. The picture below is from their Facebook page, I think you might agree with me on this observation...

The Paleo Bread

Now, it might just be the camera angle, but you can see that their picture shows the bread nearly twice as tall as the label. Here's another picture that I took that might give you a better comparison...

My loaf

After the initial "size surprise", I realized that there was a large crescent shape running the full length of the bottom of the loaf. It looked like this...



The box was about the right size for the six loaves that were ordered, but, as I recommended in my Bacon Berry French Toast Article, they need to use cardboard partitions if they are going to ship multiple loaves. Especially when this stuff costs $10+ per loaf. Here is another look at the "Pac-Man-Shaped" slices once removed from the loaf...


Pac Man


There is a saying among foodies that, "The first bite is with the eyes." It is a simple saying with a simple meaning, but it is very true. On the other end of the spectrum, we've got food that, "tastes better than it looks." Like my Pastel de Papa Recipe.


So far we've got small, "Pac-Man-Ghost" shaped bread that costs over $10 per loaf. In my opinion, this stuff fails the, "first bite with the eyes" test. When I look at their picture above, I want to eat the bread. When I look at my picture, I am hoping that this stuff tastes better than it looks...


Bacon Berry French Toast


Lets discuss taste. Aside from flavor, taste includes texture, mouthfeel and the other components of a food's profile. Now, I understand that this stuff is meant to fill a void for the Paleo Community. I am willing to make exceptions, understanding that gluten and yeast are off limits, but again, this product failed me. I hinted at it in my French toast article stating, "The bread is more dense than a traditional egg bread, so I helped it with a little Pure Maple Syrup." I didn't want to admit it, because the food looked good. But, all that I wanted to do was scrape the Paleo Krunch/Egg breading off of the outside of the bread and eat it with the bacon, berries, and coconut cream. The bread was a struggle from the start.


Sanding Sponges


I gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought, maybe this stuff is better reserved for toast. So I waited until evening and toasted some up. It didn't really get crunchy, it just got "spongy-hard". It brought a 900 grit sanding sponge to mind... I had my wife take a bite and she couldn't even swallow it. She spit it into the sink. When this happened, I knew that my opinion was a shared one...


Then, the emails started rolling in asking what I thought. I didn't elaborate, but just shared a few observations, to which I received responses that were in line with what I've described above. I asked Ann, my friend who bought the six loaves, what she thought and she said that it was a little bitter. I then told her what I thought and she in turn opened up with her sincere opinion. "I was too polite to say that", she said.


Sheep to Slaughter


I don't want this to be like a sheep to slaughter so I will stop here. Suffice it to say that I was unimpressed with the Almond Recipe of The Paleo Bread. I have not yet tasted the Coconut Recipe, but I am not in a hurry to do so. I have been hesitant to release this review, but have been encouraged by friends to do so. "In order that others might save their money", wrote one friend of mine.


Big and Airy


If only my bread were as large and airy as this picture from their Facebook page shows...


I hope that the Coconut Recipe is better than the Almond Recipe, I hope that our bread came from a bad batch, and, at the very least, I hope that The Paleo Bread takes my advice of using cardboard partitions when shipping multiple loaves.


The Paleo Bread concept is a great one. There is a need for a bread product in the Paleo Community, but at this point, I don't believe The Paleo Bread is bridging that gap...


Their website states, "The future of bread has changed forever." They can keep their change and I'll keep my ten dollars. If you have purchased this product and feel the same or differently, please share your opinion.




Paleo Nick





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